Never Underestimate Your Worth 

Throughout this year of me being home with my child I have learned and grown in a way that has been unimaginable. I have taken care of this little being practically alone and with little help. Sleepless nights, breast feeding, pumping through the wee hours of the morning, diapers galore, acid reflux, and just the wonder of am I doing things right? Am I providing enough? Is he ok? This kills my heart knowing that through all this I was crying and sad and just alone. During this time I put my thoughts to something positive. I decided because I am obsessed with books I would write a children’s book for my son. So I did. I wrote a little every night. Perfected it everyday. Then I researched publications and so forth. Should I self publish? It costs a lot and Lord knows I do not have it. See I am not “working” at the moment. I put it in quotes because this is the hardest job I have ever had. So I have no money because I get paid in kisses and snuggles. And be honest if you self publish are you really good enough for the industry or are people just taking your money? So I decide to submit to a lot of publishing companies. I received so many denials I thought what was I thinking? Then came an offer. An offer from London! But I had to pay 4000.00 and WHAT? I wish I could just scream in frustration. So time goes on. Now we are at almost a year that I have submitted and last week I received an email stating that someone wanted to video conference me to discuss my submission. After forty five minutes of discussing and exchanging pleasantries I was informed that after speaking with the other candidates I would receive a response soon. Well today is the day! I received an offer from a US company. They want to 100% make my dreams come true and they want to publish, print, and market my book. I have no words how truly grateful I am and how exciting this all is. You see I do this for my son. So he can see that I am someone and working hard pays off. So here’s to you Landon, when God blessed me with you doors started closing for me. Some relationships even ended. But now those same doors that closed are now opening with abundance. Everything I have and do is for you.


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