First Summer Done.

Well it’s been a great summer and this week it is officially over. The last time I blogged about how my son was not eating. Well to all mommas out there the eating has begun and it is fierce! Thank Goodness!!! Being a mom is stressful enough and now to add will he eat today to the list is just inconceivable. I am grateful that is over with. My little one’s first birthday was in August and we decided to go to Walt Disney World. What a great trip. It was extremely hot though so watch out for when you book your trip. I called it the happiest hell on earth it was that HOT! There’s a new video all about our trip on our YouTube Channel click HERE. You can see a snippet of all that we did and even the parade announcer saying happy birthday to my baby boy.

So now he is one and on the go. He’s still not walking unsupported yet but he is working on it. I am not too worried, but if people would stop telling me he should be walking by now that would be great. He’s not touching his nose but he is clapping when I say bye bye so I assume he’s happy I am leaving. Stay at home moms don’t always get the appreciation we are supposed to receive so I take his clapping as applause for me. 🙂

I look forward to an amazing Fall season and the changing of the leaves! This is my favorite season. Get ready for some sensory bins I will be making and they are so easy you will love them. Well I hope you had a great summer and if you need to vent or ask questions because most Mommas just need an ear to listen. I am here for you.



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