My Son Is On The Move AND Not Eating!

Finally! Landon has embraced crawling and now he is standing ! I was getting so worried. All of my friends which have babies (the same age or younger) are already walking! What The????? So here we go with the needless stress and worry of why isn’t he even trying. Why doesn’t he want to? Is he lacking in developmental milestones? Is this my fault? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we compare babies and why do we as mothers just sit and put ourselves down all the time? Yes, I want my baby to walk like your baby does. I want my son to eat just like your baby eats but guess what? He’s doing things on his own time. For a few days he wouldn’t eat and just wanted his bottle. For a few days I cried thinking to myself that he is going to bed without having eaten… worst feeling in the world. Being responsible for a tiny human is so freaking nerve wrecking. Then yesterday happened! I decided to serve dinner spoon free and guess what he ate it all! Yes our hands were messy but we had a ton of fun and he ate. Have you seen the movie Christmas Story when the mother tells Randy “How do the little piggies eat?” and the boy scoffs down his mash potatoes as if he was a piggie. Yes, this is what happened. The heavens opened for me and he ate it all.

This morning he decided I am going to stand up and hold myself because it is time and guess what? He did it! He is pulling himself up and standing. Who needs crawling anyway. He is doing his own thing. When will I learn that all children are different and not one will do what the other does on a timeline. We just have to sit back and thank God everyday that I am able to witness all of his feats and that I teach him well. So if you are a mom out there that is like me (completely enthralled in developmental milestones and timelines) step back, take a deep breath and exhale. Everything is going to be ok. Everything will happen when it happens. Enjoy your moments. I know I am now. If you want to see his ability to stand CLICK HERE!



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