My Breastfeeding Journey is Over.

Today marks my son’s 10 month point and on this day my nursing journey is over. How do I feel? A bit disappointed to not have made it to my year goal. A bit relieved to have my body back. A bit jealous as to why some moms get an oversupply and I did not. You name it I did it. The oatmeal, flaxseed, water, gatorade, power pumping, pumping every two hours, and so forth. We as moms we commit to do whatever it takes to give our baby the best. Overnight pumping was the worst, but nothing beats getting bit and bleeding from your already sore and exhausted nipple. Geez, why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we put ourselves through clogged ducts and Mastitis. Unless you are on this personal journey with your baby and you commit fully you can’t understand the why. Such a gratification to know that your body is able to supply the nutrients needed for your baby. Every pound they gain is because of your dedication and your efforts. Why do some get more milk than others and why do some not get any at all? We will never know. I have been blessed with supplying my baby with 10 months worth and I am happy I did this journey. I am proud of my confidence to nurse in public and to be able to show people that breast feeding is NORMAL and we should not shame moms for doing so. Normalize breastfeeding stop frowning on it. Some babies (I know mine for sure) did not like the covers. How would you like to eat with a blanket over your face? Moms are already exhausted from staying up and taking care of everything and everyone, so when she is feeding her child leave her alone. Don’t make a face, don’t comment (no one asked) , stop shaming and just think of it as it is. A baby feeding. To all moms out there keep on feeding those little ones. Don’t think about what people say and feed your baby. Its 2017, I think we go through so much to also make this a problem. I support all moms nursing or not. We are Rock Stars! I am grateful to have made it 10 months! WOOHOO!!! Thank you God.


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