Are We Extra Hard On Ourselves Because Of Technology?

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we question every single decision we make and think about the outcomes in three different scenarios? Do you do that or is it just me? Is the baby ready for peanut butter? Read three hours worth of materials on peanut butter and babies online. What are the best sunscreens for babies? Research sunscreens in depth for three days. Is this toy safe? Why isn’t my baby crawling yet? How much is my baby supposed to weigh and how do I produce more milk?  When does too much researching turn into an obsession? How did our parents do it without the internet? How did we possibly survive? Do I believe we are too hard on ourselves? Yes. Do I believe we obsess and compare ourselves to others on a daily basis? Yes. I do it all the time. Is my baby thriving as much as my friends? Let me see that video one more time. The days of technology have changed motherhood forever. We second guess ourselves all the time. We research frantically before doing anything and we read reviews on every single little item or ingredient before we move forward. With all the obsessive researching there is a plus side to technology. It has opened the doors to many moms for help. There are mommy groups of all kinds which help with venting, to nursing, to can you check the color of my baby’s poop and tell me it’s ok. Information is at the ready for you to check out all the cute clothes for your little one while you stay home and care for your precious bundle. I am sure Amazon became public because of all the moms and dads that stay at home with newborns. A nice distraction from daily duties of poopie diapers and nursing all day. Social media applications allow you to keep in touch with friends or just distract from the everyday cabin fever. How did moms do it before technology? I will never know.

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