Crib Safe Bumpers

Now we are ready to transition our five month old from co-sleeping with us to his own room and crib. I wish I could co-sleep forever because I feel such a peace when he is with me but I know that transitioning him to his crib is important. It also helps the marriage in the process…wink wink…

My dilemma came when I noticed my little man would push himself next to the railing and/or go sideways and I am afraid he will bump his head on the bars. I needed a bumper for the crib, but in talking to my pediatrician I was told no bumpers allowed because SIDS can happen. WHAT! So what do I do? I asked and was told he will be fine. I immediately went online to research safe bumpers. I found some mesh ones but they wouldn’t work for me because they did not have the cushion in case he bumped his head. Then I found it. Single bar bumpers from Go Mama Go Designs. They individually wrap around the bars and give cushion without blocking the spaces between the bars and SIDS would not be a problem. They are pretty expensive, but I believe worth it for peace of mind. They come in cool designs and you can match them to your nursery without any problems. You can purchase a set of 38 or as I did buy individual 2 pack ones. My crib only has 18 bars so I did not need a whole new set. They are really well made and they fit most cribs. My crib has wide bars so I am not sure they were meant for it but I made it work. They are reversible so you can alternate colors or pick one side each time. I made a short video of my installation of these crib bumpers. They are sold everywhere… just search Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers.

To watch the video : CLICK HERE!




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